SMS Banking

Mobile phones have changed our lives in a big way. Mobiles now host an array of services and multi-functions as a computerized gadget. It is now a mini computer. It is no longer remains a device for the sole purpose of making or receiving calls. Mobility combined with technology now allows an individual to conduct financial transactions via a mobile irrespective of the geographical location.


To utilize this opportunity and provide the customers with better service, C-Edge provides its SMS Banking service to banks. Using this product, banks can provide their customers with a facility to carryout banking operation with help of SMS service.   Today customers expect anywhere and anytime banking as a basic feature from their banks. Visiting a bank is no longer mandatory to perform most of the banking tasks. C-Edge’s SMS Banking Product provides this functionality to banks in an easy and secured manner. Using this product, customers can avail certain services like Account summary, know your Cheque Status, with a simple task of sending an SMS asking for the required information. The response will then be sent to them via SMS.


SMS banking provides following benefits:

  • Anywhere Anytime Banking: Banking functions are carried out without visiting a branch
  • Stay Updated: Account holders receive SMS providing information about their accounts
  • Marketing Channel: Banks can inform their customers about their promotional offers
  • Lesser Footfalls: Reduced number of visits by existing customers to banks
  • Happy Customer: Provides instant response to customers’ needs
  • Convenience: Provides convenient means for banking to customers
  • Secure: Provides a secure and safe channel for banking

C-Edge Advantage

  • Available on Cloud
  • Seamlessly integrated with Core banking solution & other channels
  • Ready to deploy
  • Regular functional upgrades
  • Compliant with regulations
  • Secured application