Centralized PACS Solution

Centralized PACS Solution (CPS) is an effective software solution that covers the complete day-to-day functionality of the primary agriculture credit societies (PACS) through a centralized architecture. While designing PACS-CPS our primary focus was to make it simple to use and automate the time consuming & monotonous front and back office activities of a typical PACS branch. More importantly we made it completely compliant with common accounting system (CAS) and guidelines laid by NABARD.The software provides complete functional coverage through user friendly modules, sound security features and data availability through comprehensive reports.


C-Edge offers a comprehensive centralized solution for PACS, built using state of the art technologies. It empowers PACS to manage customer relationships, create and roll out innovative products quickly, control operations centrally, provide intuitive user interface to perform daily operations with ease. The open architecture of the Solution adds flexibility to customize while keeping the core processing components unchanged. This is a highly secure centralized 365 * 24 web based solution which has been highly parametrized to create differentiated banking products. It has evolved in Cooperative Bank environment; work-flow familiar to Cooperative Banks and has low total cost of ownership (Hardware, Operating system, Database Independence), built using industry standard open source technology.


Our PACS Model provide following benefits:

  • Product architecture supports a wide variety of server platforms & can interact with any software for effective data integration.
  • Does complete handling and maintenance of crop, other loans & advances.
  • Total Compliance with CAS and MIS.
  • Extensive coverage of KCC Module.
  • Centralized database.
  • Fast & error free disposal of transactions.
  • More effective MIS and Audit Trail.
  • POS can be used to perform transaction from any branch which supports KCC transaction across the PACS network.
  • API/XML interfaces are available to interface PACS with other Core BS.
  • Enables the Agricultural Societies at the Village level to disburse all the social sector related Government fund distribution to the targeted beneficiaries at the doorstep.
  • Helps in implementing any Government sponsored Scheme through PACS as Government can monitor these schemes, through the application.
  • Effective Security management and Disaster Recovery Plans.

C-Edge Advantage

  • Seamlessly integrated with Core Banking Solution and other channels.
  • Ready to deploy.
  • Regular functional upgrades.
  • Compliant with regulations.
  • Secure application.