Multi Function Kiosks

Technology has enabled Banks to enlarge their market area without building new offices or field services. It is the time for the Banks to move beyond achievement of financial targets and organizational growth. Banks must focus on understanding the customer needs, identifying emerging and profitable customer segments and strategies to attract them, create a multi-channel banking experience to increase the customer loyalty. Thus Bank would intend to continually optimize their services in response to market changes and new business strategies that entail one or more of the following:

  • To provide quality customer service.
  • Enable increase in customer acquisition & customer retention
  • Create technology & services to compete across peers
  • Offer clients not just financial products, but individually tailored based solutions to add value in their financial affairs.
  • Achieve competitive operational costs by improving efficiency and effectiveness.

With this regard C-Edge has is proposing its newly developed solution i.e. Multi-Function Kiosk with below mentioned features:

  • Marketing Services
  • Information queries
    1. New products and services
    2. Existing products and services
  • Balance transactions
    1. Balance inquiry
    2. Statement printing
    3. Passbook printing
    4. Request options
    5. Funds transfer
    6. Bill payment
  • Internet Banking

Advantages of Lobby Banking

  • For customers, they become independent of Bank staff for various services which in tune reduces the queue/waiting time required in Branch. As all information and services are present in kiosk, it can be available to customers even after branches working hour.
  • For banks, it would be a new channel to communicate products and services to customer which will ensure a better customer service and satisfaction. Hence, bank will definitely have a competitive edge over others banks.
  • For bank staff’s, like tellers and back office staff, there would be a huge reduction in unproductive work load which can be utilized for productive purpose like new business, marketing, market survey, recovery etc.