Mobile Banking

The banking sector has benefitted immensely with technologies that offer alternative and better communication channels. Innovative methods of communication coupled with low costs to process, store, and transfer information have altered the way banking and financial institutions work. Mobile Banking has helped people to initiate financial transaction on the go. With mobile phones being an ever-present accessory in people’s lives bill payment, online bookings and varied other tasks are now completed in two to three easy steps.


C-Edge’s solutions have enabled banks to provide optimum services to their customers via their Mobile Banking software. Using this product, banks can provide their customers with a facility to carryout banking operations using any mobile device. C-Edge provides banks with the ability to give their customers “anywhere and anytime banking” with this application. Customers can operate their accounts by installing a mobile application on their smartphones. Easy operation and secured assess are the two main features of this application.


  • Anywhere Anytime Banking: Operate from any part of globe
  • Convenience: Provides convenient means of banking to customers
  • Security: Provides a secure and safe channel for banking
  • Device Independence: Can be installed on any J2ME enabled mobile device
  • Increased Virtual Transactions: Ease in operation entices customers to use the facilities frequently
  • Lesser Footfalls: Reduced number of visits by existing customers to banks
  • Cost-efficient: Fewer office staff can now handle more work
  • Happy Customer: Provides instant response to customers’ needs
  • New Horizons: Frees Manpower to develop business

C-Edge Advantage

  • Available on Cloud
  • Seamlessly integrated with core banking solution & other channels
  • Ready to deploy
  • Regular functional upgrades
  • Compliant with regulations
  • Secured application