Internet Banking

Technology has changed the face of the banking industry to the extent that it has blurred physical boundaries and unleashed opportunities that seemed remote in the past. Banks and Financial institutions are leveraging technology to offer 24 X 7 services to their customers irrespective of their location. Brick and mortar presence has diminished with the advent of multiple delivery channels. Customer transactions have largely migrated to the virtual space.


C-Edge’s Internet Banking application is one of its forays into the domain of delivery channels and is specially developed for operations in line with the global environment in Banking. The key features of this service are:

  • User friendly interface
  • Advanced built-in security features
  • Wide reach covering Retail banking, Corporate banking and Private banking
  • Ability to integrate external security certificates, PKI, Tokens etc.
  • Capability to interface with multiple banking systems
  • Integrated with utility bill payments


  • 24 X 7 service to customer
  • Reduced transaction cost
  • Customer empowerment
  • Banks become a one stop shop for all financial needs of customer

C-Edge Advantage

  • Available on Cloud
  • Seamlessly integrated with Core Banking Solution & other channels
  • Ready to deploy
  • Regular functional upgrades
  • Compliant with regulations
  • Secure application