Core Services

The advancement in technology, especially Internet and Information Technology has led to new ways of doing business in banking. These technologies have cut down time, working simultaneously on different issues and increasing efficiency. C-Edge has innovated Core Services like Core Banking, Treasury, Trade Finance and Card Management on an outsourced Application Service Provider (ASP) model.

Self Service Banking

Technology has changed the face of the banking industry to the extent that it has blurred physical boundaries and unleashed opportunities that seemed remote in the past. Banks and Financial institutions are leveraging technology to offer 24 X 7 services to their customers irrespective of their location. Brick and mortar presence has diminished with the advent of multiple delivery channels. Customer transactions have largely migrated to the virtual space. CEdge’s self-service banking services are specially developed for operations in line with the global environment in Banking.

Analytics & MIS

With progress comes expansion, new banks have mushroomed all over to satisfy the growing needs of the well-informed customer. This has also led to several branches opening in various locations all over the country. Millions of bytes are created and stored every minute. C-Edge has conceptualised and developed solutions to provide banks with analytical reports to help them analyse their business thus enabling them to take speedy and accurate decisions.


As per regulatory requirement, all banks are required to strictly adhere to the AML / KYC guidelines as highlighted by RBI / FIU and other regulatory bodies from time to time. C-Edge offers software support for banks to comply with this regulatory requirement. Our services like Automated Data Flow and Anti-Money Laundering enables to have a robust monitoring system and avoid involvement in any finance related illegal activity.

Centre of Excellence

C-Edge’s Center of Excellence (COE) aims to provide best practices, training, deep domain expertise, technical implementation, and testing expertise for the banking industry. Over the last 7 years, we have gained this expertise in the course of implementing banking solutions for over 150 banks.

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