CEO Speak

Our Journey:

Reminiscing to the day when we started, and evaluating ourselves now, I believe we have surpassed our own expectations. Though we had set out with a specific set of goals, what we achieved in the process, turned out to be half as important as what we became in the course of realising our goals. In the past seven years, our learnings have been immense and have motivated us to excel, and to continue with our objective to provide end to end solutions to our valuable clients.

Our determination to provide affordable infrastructure and technology to every Indian, irrespective of his geographical location, has helped us to fulfil our mission to enable every Indian benefit from technological progress in the finance industry.

We faced several challenges along the way. Earning our clients trust was a major challenge. It proved to be a herculean task for us to demonstrate that the client’s data was secure on our platform. Today, we have successfully gained their trust! Another challenge was data connectivity, especially in the remote areas.

Training client’s employees on the basic use of a mouse and computer was an area where we invested intensively. Today, it’s a delight to see our clients, even from the remote and far-flung parts of India technically savvy and on par with their urban counterparts.

Along the way, I believe, C-Edge has not only spread it wings to cover a gamut of services but has also fulfilled its moral obligation by creating jobs in rural and remote areas. Banks have been set up without much of a brick and mortar presence resulting in inclusive growth.

Not one to rest on our significant achievements, we evaluated our role in the industry. The industry was growing and se we followed suit. We forayed into multiple digital touch points such as mobile and internet. These new developments have now become critical for enhanced customer experience and are currently the buzzword. Also, from a regulatory perspective GRC is the key to a strong banking operation. Hence at C-Edge, we have aspired to bring such cutting edge technologies to our banks. We are happy to see you grow as we believe that in our client’s growth lies our growth!

Our team with over 600 capable personnel and our strategic alliances with best in class eco-system partners provide us with the strength to create sustainable competitive advantage for our valued customers. C-Edge is now a one stop solution provider on a SAAS model for financial institutions in India and abroad. Let’s walk together – hand in hand as we step into every new opportunity!!!

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.”- Henry Ford

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