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Banks and other financial institutions continuously strive to strategically transform their enterprise to become more responsive to customers’ demands. And to achieve this they launch significant transformation initiatives within tactical horizon. Co-operative banks and district co-operative banks have certain specialised requirements which are typically not addressed by core banking systems.


C-Edge has recognised this gap and invested in creating a suite of Head Office (HO) modules to fully automate the banks operations. The modules consist of Share Accounting, Investment Accounting, and the Fixed Asset Management which are thoroughly compliant and functionally rich.

Banks now essentially require an application to manage their investments made on fixed assets with an objective to maintain the details of asset acquisition and other particulars. A robust reporting of all the mandatory reports that addresses the requirement of the shareholders/members needs to be maintained. Investments have to be detailed in a periodical MIS reporting system. The complete suite of Head Office (HO) modules help the banks comply with all of the above.

HO Module offerings include:

Share Accounting:-The functionality includes acquisition of membership, additional share allotments, resignation of members, dividend rule settings, dividend calculations, dividend issue and reconciliation. A robust reporting may be including for management and statutory requirements like I-Form, j- Form, Periodical balancing, Board meeting register i.e New admissions, Additional allotments, Share Transfers, Resignations/adjustments, Dividend reconciliation reports, Dividend issue register, dividend payment register, dividend unpaid register, Statement of Dividend Transferred to Reserve after retention period.

Investment Accounting:-This investment module has the capability to create a periodical MIS reporting system. The software is capable of allowing banks to be independent when their investment policies change and incorporate the changes without intervention from C-Edge. Groups as defined by regulatory bodies like Government securities, Equity, Bonds etc. can be created along with their sub-groups. Depending upon the MIS requirements of the banks and it operational ease all the sub-groups of investments can be defined.

The modules enable the banks to manage Books Of Accounts for Government Securities, Bond and Debentures, Fixed Deposits with Other Banks, Call Money Transactions, Interest Accruals, Return on Investments. The modules optionally have a provision to post the accounting entries directly to the respective General Ledger Heads without any human interventions. This help the banks to manage their investment related regulatory reports and MIS like SLR and NON-SLR investments, returns on investment for a given date, due date dairy of investment, and amortisation of securities.

Fixed Assets Managements:-This module enables the banks to record and maintain the details of asset acquisition and asset profile, rule based depreciation calculations, assesses the value of the assets, and manages the inventory of assets with robust reporting to report purchase/disposal/transfers of assets between two dates, depreciation calculations, category wise/sub-category-wise asset valuation report.

Salient features of the Modules :
  • Hosted under C-Edge’s ASP infrastructure.
  • Robust reporting system
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Comprehensive, integrated, and modular
  • Adequately parameterized with an interface with Core Banking Solution
  • Helps the Banks to build ability to continuously innovate, achieve differentiation, and respond instantaneously to dynamic business challenges.

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