Employee Speak

Sudharshan Mallabadi

I have been with the company since Jan 2007 and the journey so far has given me exposure to all facets of my area of expertise. I gained confidence to explore higher levels of achievement and the ability to accomplish professional excellence. There was a change in my role from a technical to more of techno-functional, which provided me with an opportunity to experiment and define new approaches, to a certain extent defining how we portray ourselves to our clients. I am enjoying my work even more, evolving newer models and ways of working with this change.

Dharmendra Singh

C-Edge is an excellent workplace to be in as the company believes in giving the employees ample chances to improve their skills and explore their respective subjects in-depth. No one projects any superiority over new employees and this helps juniors like me to work in a very positive environment. Outstanding efforts are recognized immediately and attractive incentives are offered. I am sure C-Edge is poised for excellence and as an employee I look forward to excelling in everything I do here. I am actually short of words to say more about C-Edge. Am glad to be here.

Jayesh Kanekar

At C-Edge we get all the freedom we require but with freedom comes responsibility. The flexible working conditions allow us to learn more and grow as professionals. Exposure to latest technologies is a boon for professionals like me. We are motivated by the work environment to work efficiently and suitably rewarded with recognition at proper intervals.

C-Edge understands the significance of employees like us and values us as much as we value them. We are proud of the product we sell and implement.

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