Corporate Facts

Who we are

C-Edge Technologies Ltd., is a leading Technology, Infrastructure and Service provider to financial institutions in India and abroad. We are a one-stop shop for Solutions, Implementations and Operations.

What we offer

As a leading provider of cloud based financial services and technology we are a full service player and have diversified and customised solutions which include:

  • Core Banking Solutions
  • Channel Solutions
  • Compliance Solutions
  • Payment Solutions

We support clients to meet the most demanding and complex business issues head-on by developing, road mapping, and implementing strategic plans


We have succeeded in leveraging the domain and technical competencies of both our parent companies - TCS and SBI.

Our Vision

To provide transformational capability to the Indian financial services market, by addressing major technology needs of this industry and to be an integrated solutions provider and aspire to create a niche market in India and abroad.

Our Mission

To enable small and medium sized banks to transform their businesses profitably and empower every individual irrespective of their geographical location to benefit from advanced technology.

The Team

C-Edge has adiverse mix of 600+ people from different regional and cultural backgrounds, each skilled and expert in different areas of IT and banking domain.

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