Frequently Asked Questions
Business Model
What are the solution offerings under “TCS BaNCS”?

  • Entirerange of banking products including savings, checking, overdraft and depositaccounts and lending products.
  • Complementof transactional services including remittance, foreign exchange, cards andtrade finance.
  • 360degree view between banking and customer.
  • Accessibilitythrough multiple channels, including mobile banking and internet.
  • RobustMIS and Compliance capability
  • Monitoring and reporting ofnon-performing assets
  • Managing Agricultural credit and subsidies
  • Standard product delivery and administration across all branches

What is “TCS BaNCS”?

The TCS BaNCS”, is a Core banking Solution (CBS) from Tata Consultancy Services. It manages endto end operations across all the entities. It is truly browser based layered  securitymanagement at application, database and user levels with inbuilt checks and role-basedaccess management. It provides solutions that help to deliverpersonalised services over multiple delivery channels, while maintaining acollaborative one-to-one relationship with their customers.

Salient Features :

  • Operational ease at low bandwidth consumption
  • Reduced turnaroundtime for transactions
  • Allows more timefor developing business
  • Ability to integrate with the paymentsystem network
  • Enables anywhere banking

What does ASP stand for?

ASP stands for Application Service Provider model of service.

What is the concept behind ASP service?

Conceptually, ASP is a model whereby an I.T. service provider invests in hardware, software, other infrastructure and people. The infrastructure and services are then shared by several customers on an outsourced basis, so that their need for such investment gets obviated and they are able to reap the benefits of the service provider's investment at a very economical rate on a 'pay-as-you-use' basis.

Does C-Edge's ASP service provide all this?

Yes. C-Edge's services provide access to world-class software, a professionally managed Data Centre in Mumbai, a Disaster Recovery Centre, networking and connectivity through a channel partner and professionals experienced in technical as well as banking domain.

How is an I.T. ASP service better than an ownership model?

An ownership model for a Core Banking solution entails:

  • Heavy capital expenditure on Hardware, Software, Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre, Database Management System, Networking and other infrastructure for setting up the system.
  • A bevy of I.T. professionals to operate, maintain and upgrade the system periodically.
  • Dependency on multiple vendors for smooth operations.
  • Technological obsolescence.
  • High cost of meeting future product/report requirements and changes.

ASP service, on the other hand, transfers all these pain points to a single service provider, who takes care of all the above requirements. In the process, a bank is able to achieve economy in operations, higher efficiency and better statutory/regulatory compliance.

What is the post-implementation support mechanism? Will local post-implementation support be provided?

C-Edge ensures a prompt, time-bound support, both through local business partners, where they exist, as well as from its centralized operations centre at Mumbai. C-Edge is constantly adding local business partners for the purpose of moving closer to the home territory of its clients. Additionally, C-Edge also trains a core technical team of the client bank for its first-level support requirements.

Who will do the networking of the bank's branches/Head Office?

C-Edge has tied up with industry leaders for networking bank's branches and Head Office to C-Edge's Data Centre in Mumbai. The banks are however, free to make their own arrangement in this respect if they so desire.

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